Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I could fix my device myself (or I sent it to another repairer) and now it has gone horribly wrong. Can you fix it for me?


i-Lab has certified technicians, more than 20 years of successful experience, latest diagnostic equipment and free assessment. So we can find and fix all the problems you (or other repairers) made, including high-level repairs of motherboards. However, motherboards are often bent, physically damaged, etc after unprofessional repairs, which can make them Beyond Economical Repair.


The data on my device is really important to me! Can you guarantee that it won't be damaged in the repair process?


i-Lab and the booking branch take no responsibility for loss of any personal data (contacts, texts, photos, music, etc.), memory cards and SIM cards during the repair process or while the device is in transit. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure: the data is backed up, memory card and SIM card are removed before booking a repair.


What is the procedure for sending my device for repair?


Please read our Shipping page.


Will I still have my warranty intact?


If your device was under factory warranty, the warranty becomes void if the device has been damaged, and will still be void after we repair it. We take no responsibility for any warranty.


What to do if my device got liquid damage?


  1. Turn the device off immediately and DO NOT turn it on again. Disconnect the device if it was connected to a charger.

  2. If it is possible, remove all stuff from the device, such as its battery, memory card, SIM card, stylus, disk, etc. and leave opened all trays, connectors, gates, back cover, holes, etc. Place the device in a warm clean area to dry.

  3. Contact us, bring in or send us the device as soon as possible.


If this is done immediately, your water-damaged device is likely to be saved and will function as normal. Contact us if you have any questions.


Some people try to turn on their device affected by liquid just after drying it and sometimes it starts working. However aggressive liquids (soft drinks, beer, juice, coffee, wine, chlorinated water or salted water, etc.) cause more damage. After a few weeks or months, the device can stop working at all, because moisture from air (100% pure water – not aggressive) enters the device, dissolves residue of the aggressive substance and eliminates all connections and tracks on the motherboard.


An example from our practice: one of our customers spilt a glass of beer on his mobile phone. He dried it very well before turning it on; the phone worked fine. After a couple of weeks, the phone suddenly stopped working. We assessed the device and found that the tracks and some internal components on the motherboard had been critically damaged, so the phone was Beyond Economical Repair and the customer decided to recycle it.


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Impact damaged iPAD mini repair, iPAD Air repair

Phisically damaged motherboard after DIY repair

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Bent mobile phone motherboard

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iPhone damaged touch display connector repair

Corrosion on a motherboard

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Liquid damaged iPhone 6 repair, iPhone 6S repair

iPhone liquid damaged motherboard

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