For Resellers

i-Lab offers repair services to resellers around New Zealand.


Electronics Stores, Mobile Phone Stores, Mobile Phone Technicians, Computer Stores, Insurance Companies, Schools, other businesses and organizations can resell our repairs to their customers to provide a better service and add extra revenue to their business.


We can do cooperation:

  1. You can resell all our services.

  2. You can be a technician or a company and can use some of our services such as High-Level motherboard repairs or repair some devices in which you do not specialize, etc.


i-Lab offers:

  1. Experience since 2001.

  2. Certified technicians.

  3. High-level motherboard repairs.

  4. Free full assessment.

  5. Quality repairs with a rigorous testing procedure.

  6. 3 months warranty on all our repairs including liquid damaged devices.

  7. Fast turnaround.


Email us for any inquiries.


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