i-Lab repairs electronics on the spot. Our mainstream is Apple iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, iPod repairs, MacBook repairs and Laptop repairs. In addition, we provide: Desktop Computer repairs, Remote Controls repairs (for TVs, heat pumps, stereos, automatic gates, etc), Car remote control repairs, Car Smart Key repairs Tauranga. We do quality Sony Play Station 4 PS4 HDMI port replacement repairs, same-day service available. iPhone 7 Audio IC issue repairs. iPhone battery repair Tauranga.


i-Lab is an independent, not authorised Apple repair centre. We have experience since 2001 as well as the latest diagnostic equipment to provide the best repairs, affordable prices and free assessment to our customers. We do repairs from LCD and Touch Screen replacement to High-Level repairs of liquid damaged and mechanical damaged motherboards. We offer a 3-month warranty on all our repairs including liquid damaged devices.


i-Lab offers all kinds of services:

  • Replacements of: displays, screens, cameras, microphones, speakers, buzzers, housings, etc.

  • Micro-soldering of: internal components, chips, ICs,  connectors, microphones, buzzers, etc.

  • High-Level logic board repairs

  • Hardware repairs of: charging, power and battery issues, WiFi and Bluetooth problems, etc.

  • Software repairs of: freezing and unexpected problems, virus, malware removals, etc.

  • Operating system reinstallation: Windows OS installation, Mac OS installation

  • Data recovery


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