Terms and Conditions

Device Service Ltd trading as i-Lab and the booking branch take no responsibility for loss of any personal data (contacts, texts, photos, music, etc.), memory cards and SIM cards during the repair process or while the device is in transit. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure: the data is backed up and memory cards and SIM cards are removed before booking a repair. If Data backup option is selected – we cannot guarantee the success of retaining the information.


All our repairs come with a return to base 90 days warranty, covering the parts and labour for the work completed. This warranty is invalidated by any subsequent liquid, sand, dust or mechanical damage, or any repair attempt by anyone other than Device Service Ltd. Any previously undiagnosed or subsequent faults are not covered by the warranty, and will be handled as separate repairs. All devices not claimed within 90 days of the date you booked a repair with us will be recycled.


Customer agrees that any faults, internal damage or other issues which can be found during the assessment of the device appeared prior to sending or bringing your device to us. Customer also accepts the risk of power failure of the device (which can make it completely unusable) during the repair process as the result of violation of usage conditions of the device by the customer, such as liquid damage, presence of corrosion, physical damage, etc. Customer agrees that some cosmetic defects may appear on the housing of the device during its disassembly. If your device was under factory warranty, the warranty becomes void if the device has been damaged, and will still be void after we repair it. We take no responsibility for any warranty.


Device Service Ltd respects your privacy and will never share your personal information with any third parties. For security reasons no goods shall be released without proof of ownership. Please retain this form as proof of ownership and identity, or bring your ID with you.

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